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About us

 Companyis specialized in exporting hardware products to overseas. Our products are extensively covered in furniture, home decorations and architecture industry, like handles/knobs, shelf support, hooks, tube holder, table legs, brackets, door catches & stoppers, lazy susan, etc...

"High quality products, competitive prices, good sales service" is our guideline. In a word, customer satisfaction is our top goal and good service is always in our blood. We pride ourselves with extraordinary quality, competitive price, personalized service, and timely delivery to our customers.

Customer satisfaction begins the moment when an order or inquiry is received. Sales and QC members follow up each step to ensure no minor detail is left to chance, and the result is a mutual trust following of clientele and staff.

We invite you to explore our website which outlines some of our core product groupings. We are endeavoring to cover a wide range of items in our website. We encourage you to challenge us with your individual needs, as we will not hesitate to invest in our customers future by setting up tooling specifics as per your requirements. There are some assessment factories cooperating with us. We have been keeping growing especially due to the good relationship and high satisfaction from our customers.

Our company is located in Hangzhou, where is about two hours' distance from Shanghai Pudong airport by car. We welcome you to visit us and are looking forward to your enquiry. 

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